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Your privacy matters. We take your information very seriously. Your data is never shared with other companies in any fashion. We store all communications in encrypted format and do not collect any personal information beyond basic contact information and general health information. This information is used solely for the preparation of your personalized quote experience, and for accuracy of the prices we are quoting you.

Our site does not use cookies at all, but we do use Google Analytics which uses anonymous cookies to track your usage of our Website. We use this information to improve our customer experience. For example, if we notice people are spending more time reading certain articles, we'll give those articles more attention and updates.

Rule of Single Contact.
When you request a quote from other sites, they often sell your name and phone number on an auction system to insurance agents. We do not participate in this business practice. Your personal information is used by a single LTC Tree-appointed, state-licensed agent to prepare your LTC quotes. You'll get a call from a single person. We do not bombard you with communications, because this is not what customers want and mad customers don't buy things.




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